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Jivette’s Corner- 41 Creative DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

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Owning a home is tough, but these 41 house hacks will make life a bit easier.  Send us your favorite hacks! 1. Use old door knobs for hanging towels. Via sublime-decor.com 2. A hinged painting is perfect to hide the thermostat. Via thethirdboob.com 3. Display bracelets on a paper towel holder to keep them organized. brit.co 4. Use old drawers …


Jivette’s Corner- Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom

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  The best place to start with any remodeling project is the budget. Not only will it have a big impact on the type of materials you select for your bathroom renovation, it will also help you set the boundaries of your design. Knowing what you can really afford to spend will make it a lot easier to decide what …


Jivette’s Corner- 10 Rookie Home Buyer Mistakes to Avoid…

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Get the most from your purchase by sidestepping these costly pitfalls. It was supposed to be a momentous occasion for Brian, who was about to close on his first home. But after signing a thick stack of documents—and taking part in the ceremonious passing of the keys—something felt off for the then 26-year-old Montgomery County, Md., resident. There wasn’t even …


Jivette’s Corner- Home Staging Tips


Before you show your home to any potential buyer, you want to make sure the staging is perfect. Follow these general tips and your home will look better than the competition. FOR THE INSIDE Clear all unnecessary objects from furniture throughout the house. Keep accessories and objects on the furniture restricted to groups of 1, 3, or 5 items. In …


Jivette’s Corner- 10 Ways to Make Your Home Worth More


A home is a huge investment for many people, so why not make it worth even more? We count down to the No. 1 way to get the most bang for your buck. #10: Refurbish the Basement Many basements are plain, empty and unused spaces that rarely see any visitors. Why let all that space go to waste? Create an …


Jivette’s Corner- Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas to Beautify Your Yard


Tailoring the look of your home’s exterior is one way to create a space that reflects your personality. There are many cheap landscaping ideas you can tackle on your own that are high impact without a high price tag. Creating a modern, beautiful yard doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, the gorgeous, million dollar contemporary gardens in the …